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Nutrition: Look & feel glowing in just 1 week.

This week I was inspired by a ‘Style Clinic’ question put to a friend from a girl who is going on a first date hill walking and was wondering what to wear. Its wonderful having the right outfit but how amazing could you look with bright, fresh and illuminated skin, glowing with health? So whether you’ve got an important date, interview or a special occasion, here are some top tips on looking your best with a weeks prep!

Sleep has a massive impact on how our skin looks so for the week leading in ensure you are getting a good 8 hours sleep a night. Many clients lately are struggling to get the recommended levels of sleep nightly and as a result are feeling tired, lacking in energy and generally feeling washed out. In our busy lives our bodies need to repair, rebuild and detoxify; all of this happens whilst we are asleep. Get into a good night time routine is a great way to ensure you are relaxed prior to heading to bed. Allow plenty of time to get yourself organised for the morning and remove make-up. If you are struggling with sleep in general try getting lots of fresh air on a daily basis, reading, remove electronic items like TV/phones/chargers from room as they omit small amounts of energy. Also there are some wonderful ‘sleepy’ teas which do a great job – I am loving Pukka ‘night time’ tea!

Following on from our sleep, water is the next key ingredient for a quick skin fix. 1.5 litres or 8 large glasses of water will allow for the removal of toxins from the body and also ensuring your skin is plump and hydrated. Alongside increasing your water intake, try to remove and reduce your caffeine in the form of coffee, tea and fizzy drinks – these are all diuretics and remove fluid from your body, so undoing all your good water drinking work. Replace these drinks with herbal teas like camomile, ginger and small amounts of green tea which will support your ever glowing skin.

Nuts and seeds are a wonderful addition to your diet both short and long term. Both contain vitamin E, a fat-soluble antioxidant that can enter the skin with ease. To ensure this delicate nutrient remains undamaged try to eat along-side foods rich in vitamin C for example berries, citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables.

A further great skin booster is your ten portions of fruit and vegetables daily, this level should provide required levels of vitamins and minerals for the skin to look its best and it should also support your stress levels as the ‘big’ day draws ever closer. Fruits and vegetables are also rich sources of fibre, water and plant chemicals that help regulate important body processes which ensures we look and feel great. Don’t forget to eat what is in season and to find locally grown produce, this should allow for the greatest freshness hence vitamin and mineral content.

If you are struggling with a minor breakout due to hormones or stress, include good levels of protein within each of your meal. Proteins role within the body is repairing and rebuild – so will provide nutrients to support skin healing; protein is also involved in hormone regulation so good levels within the diet are important if you are feeling they are playing havoc.

Now it’s over to you – good luck!

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