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Nutritionally I was never that aware, I mean like most you could say that fruit and veg are good for you and that sweets and crisps were not but either way I was not clear of what the different food groups did or indeed could do. Since meeting with Andrea I have been allowed to digest the information on proteins and carbohydrates and also understand the fundamentals of nutrition. Really, Andrea broke it down for me in a Sesame Street version so that I could be on a playing field when it came to working it out for myself.

Andrea kindly took time out of her busy schedule to work with me for three hours at home and explain to me my dropping sugar levels, my desire to eat sweet things and why come 4pm I was fit to kill if I didn’t get some chocolate. To be honest many of us are the same and really don’t know why? Thus we give into ourselves and try to justify the guilty secrets of scoffing and troughing at the most unsightly hour! I know because I was one of them. Andrea then took me shopping and we spent over two hours learning what foods could work and suit my lifestyle.
lisa cannon

I because of my daily TV job can be anywhere at anytime, London, Paris, New York, so long haul flights and long haul hours don’t lend themselves to a break-neck, high octane level of living. Cooking is not really an option so Andrea gave me a simple way to incorporate the nutrients in needed into my diet and I know it has made a difference.

Now I feel more knowledable about my body, what I out into it and why I react to food the way I do. Eating has never been the same, but in the best possible taste!!

Lisa Cannon Xpose TV Presenter.


We found the lecture on Nutrition delivered by Andrea Murray of Total Nutrition was extremely beneficial to the young people attending our sports course. The presentation was of a very high standard and was delivered in a relaxed, yet professional atmosphere. I have no hesitation in recommending this talk to all sports teams and clubs.’

– Damian Byrne – Cuala Gaa Club


I went to see Andrea after being quite unwell for many months and after many pointless and expensive trips to the doctors. I found out I was suffering the symptoms of many food intolerences and although I have always been a healthy eater the list of foods that I had to avoid made it hard for me to know what to eat and I was also suffering with constant nausea. Andrea was very professional and kind and helpful from the moment we first spoke to book an appointment. She decided that the best plan if action for me was to devide the time with her into a detailed face to face meeting to go through all my needs and then to use the rest of the time through email to discuss any queries or changed that needed to be made and this DEFINATELY worked best for me.

Andrea was always at hand to answer any queries I had and not long after I implemented the changes she recommended I started to feel better! I would recommend a visit to Andrea to anyone looking for any nutritional guidance whether it be for intolerance, or just general health!

– Sinead F.


Dear Andrea,

I am emailing to give you feedback on how I am getting on with the eating plan you suggested to me, when I met with you on 8th September 2011.
I am absolutely delighted – my symptoms of IBS have dwindled and my energy levels are so much higher since I increased my fruit and veg and protein intake.  I am now longer experiencing intense “3pm chocolate cravings”.

So I wanted to say a huge thank you for your help.

– Anna


I went to see Andrea at 13 weeks pregnant and struggling with bad nausea, after 10 days this is my email feedback: “I just wanted to let you know Andrea that I made a real effort to balance my blood sugars properly and eat more vegetables etc, and hey presto, I stopped feeling rough last week. It is really helping me and the children further improve our diet, and I am hugely enjoying giving them (and me) and really good breakfast.”

– Ms McMahon, Dalkey, Co. Dublin.



“In early April I meet Andrea for some advise as I was told by my GP I had a glucose issue that were heading towards Diabetes. It was suggested by my doctor to lose some weight, to get more exercise and seek some advice from a qualified nutritional professional.

My goals when I meet Andrea was to get an insight into what to eat; what to avoid and to lose some weight which has gradually snuck up to 96KG/ 212 lbs. Andrea walked me through the basics of what is causing my glucose and advised me on what to tweak in my food intake; when I should be eating and what foods to avoid (the avoids list is not that bad as there are great alternatives).

Without ANY pain and some light exercise, within 2 weeks I lost 4kg/ 9lbs. 12 weeks on into the new eating & exercise pattern; I am down 24 LBs/ 11 KGs, I just did a glucose test and it is much improved, happy days all round.

– Alan, 43 year old.


“Nutrition is very complex.  To have it explained in such a practical and informative manner in a group setting was wonderful.  Andrea is very enthusiastic about the subject and has great energy.  She is a true professional with a hands-on approach to helping people”.

– T. Connolly, International Adoption Association (Ireland)



‘Andrea provides a clear, concise and realistic approach towards health, nutrition and everyday living.  Her discourse is presented in a manor easy to understand is practical and very adaptable into family life or that of a busy professional life.  Popular myths are demystified, giving the listener a real sense of attaining a better quality of life with a focus on healthy natural sustainable living and increased energy and wellbeing for you the individual and all the family members.’

‘Andrea really helped to explain in a clear and concise way how to make realistic changes to your diet.  I left feeling positive and confident to make changes!’

‘Very informative and engaging both in content and presentation.’

– Testimonials from a ladies group in Dalkey following a talk on ‘Nutrition made easy’


Andrea Murray has worked with teachers and children in developing  the school Healthy Eating Policy. She has also organized many successful healthy eating experiences for the children and has coordinated the parents’ association health eating committee. Recently she has given inputs at assembly time to the whole school which were very favorably received by the teachers and children . She was able to aim her presentations at the different age groups. There has been a marked improvement in the quality of healthy lunches  in school and the children are more aware of the importance of food for energy and concentration.

– Head Mistress, South Dublin National School


I brought my son to see Andrea in July.  He is 15 and wanted to improve his diet in order to ‘bulk up’ for the upcoming rugby season. This is the best money  I ever spent!  Andrea is hugely knowledgeable about her work and we both found the session informative and interesting.  I have implemented Andrea’s recommendations not only for my son but for the whole family.  I believe every family should have a session with Andrea and I am looking forward to the whole family having a healthy winter ahead.

– J. Cassidy


I went to see Andrea with the objective being weight loss and to aid the management of a stressful period in my life. The taking of a detailed history was very reassuring and the recommendations she gave were clear and understandable. All diet changes were in line with my lifestyle at that time and were manageable. I felt better following the changes and definitely more in control of what I was eating. I found Andrea both very professional and very helpful indeed.
Kind regards

– Elaine H


We invited Andrea to talk to the senior players in our club after training one evening in relation to healthy eating and its specific role in sports nutrition. As a squad we felt this was an area that we could improve on and to this end found Andrea’s presentation clear, professional and with lots of practical advise in relation to our specific needs as a group and also as individuals. We now feel as a group much better aware of what eating habits would now be appropriate to maximize our benefit from training and help us best prepare for matches. We would happily recommend her to any team looking for nutritional advise.

Celbridge GAA senior football squad. County Champions 2008. website


“After I had two appointments with Andrea I now know what kind of food is good for me and keeps me fit and keeps “me awake” during the day. Before I ate healthy but not balanced. Now, I know how I keep my sugar level all right. Also, I found out that eggs are good for me… Andrea took her time and went with me to my daily and weekly diet and I only had to change a few things which made my diet perfect for me.”

– Andrea S


I contacted Andrea for advice on how to eat well, to regain energy levels and find an alternative way of dealing with recurrent colds and flus over the winter period.  Andrea is very professional in her approach, and provides clear and useful suggestions and advice. The preparatory work in detailing eating habits, medical history and how I live my life was very revealing and rewarding, an important part of the process. Andrea pointed me in the right direction of what I could and should be eating and drinking, making a tailor-made plan in the process. With Andrea’s experienced advice and suggestions, I now eat and drink the way which is good for me, and I feel strong, happy and full of energy again.

– Måns M


“getting on very well with the changes, not perfectly of course but enough to feel better and to cope much better than previously with a very stressful period at work – have to actively remind myself that reaching for more coffee/chocolate won’t make me feel better. It’s nice to feel more in control!”

– A Sheehan