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Goodbye to Christmas & those few extra pounds.


Christmas, what a time for over indulgence, we all do it even when we promise ourselves that we are going to be good. That extra mince pie, crispy roast potato and certainly that lovely glass of vino! Well now that we are into 2015 lets kick that extra bit of weight to touch, pick up your exercise and eat super healthy – to look and feel great by the end of the month. Here are my simple steps how to do it:

1) Reduce carbohydrates; at each meal sitting reduce the levels of carbohydrates. Excess carbs are stored as fat so a reduction will help lose weight. Whilst reducing your carbohydrate intake you should replace this food group with extra chicken, meat, fish or pulses and lots of fruits & vegetables – this will ensure you don’t feel hungry and help beat late night grazing. Any carbs that you do eat should be of the brown variety (brown breads, brown rice and pasta) as they are more complex by releasing their sugar store gradually hence keeping you fuller for longer, which is just what we need.

In the winter months ahead some great meal options that support health, weight and keep us well are porridge, soups and casseroles. When making your porridge reduce the milk by making it ½ milk to water, add a large handful of frozen blueberries at the start of cooking and when serving top with natural yogurt and Lynwoods ground seeds – great start to the day.

Soups should be made on a stock base using seasonal vegetables and when adding the liquid pop in half a mug of lentils and quiona – this will ensure your soup contains protein. Casseroles are so tasty on cold nights! Great additions to the meat and vegetables is a tin of drained chickpeas or butterbeans as well as lots of ginger, chilli and garlic – these healing herbs will support in fighting colds and flu’s.

2) Reduce Wine and beer; coming off or certainly reducing the wine and beer will really support weight loss – if you consider a glass of wine or beer is equivalent to a small bar of chocolate you can understand why. Not only will it support you to shift the weight it will also support the liver to detoxify the toxins that have been generated by a change of diet, excess alcohol and late nights!

3) Cut down caffeinated teas and coffees: Reduced and if possible removed in a weight loss programme as they encourage the retention of our fat cells. Replacing them with delicious herbal teas and 1½ litres of water a day will allow for toxins to be flushed out of the body and will encourage our fat cells to release.

4) Get Active: Increasing your activity levels alongside dietary changes will really help in shifting those extra kilos; I am loving bootcamp and would encourage you all to try. They are fun, friendly, great value and an excellent workout – no need to be shy either as every level of fitness, age, shape and size attends – find a local class near you!

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